Identity & Content Verification.

The complete user authentication, content moderation, and complaint management solution for user-generated content platforms - making the internet safer for all.

Know Your Customer & Content.

A powerful and innovative combination of identity verification, automated and manual content moderation, quality control and reporting, giving you the complete end to end compliance and safeguarding solution for your business.

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Mastercard Specialty Merchant Registration Requirements.

On the 14th of April 2021, Mastercard issued an updated set of rules and requirements for adult content merchants within the “AN 5196 Revised Standards for New Specialty Merchant Registration Requirements for Adult Content Merchants”.

“...And that starts with strong content control measures and clear, unambiguous and documented consent.”

October 2021

Mastercard’s updated policy on illegal content
  • 1.

    Age and identity verification.

    Documented age and identity verification for all people depicted and those uploading the content.

  • 2.

    Content moderation.

    Content review process prior to publication.

  • 3.

    Complaint resolution.

    Complaint resolution process that addresses illegal or non consensual content within seven business days.

  • 4.

    Appeals process.

    Appeals process allowing for any person depicted to request their content be removed.

We are verifymycontent

User-generated content platforms face a growing number of trust and safety risks, and the need for robust compliance and safeguarding has never been greater.

We understand the challenges a user-generated content platform faces, so we've created the complete end to end identity verification and content moderation solution, providing you and your users with the tools to ensure a safe and trustworthy online experience for everyone.

The VerifyMyContent Solution.

A comprehensive and versatile range of features designed to solve user-generated content platforms' unique safeguarding and compliance challenges.

Versatile Content Moderation.

Our content moderation solution works over a vast range of media types, ensuring maximum compliance and user safety whatever the platform.

Live Streaming.

Feature focus

Monthly Reporting.

Easy access to automatically generated monthly reports detailing all compliance actions taken.



Previously verified content is automatically recognised, meaning once content has been verified, it can be uploaded to any other platform without review.

Identity & Content Verification.

VerifyMyContent allows you to streamline the entire verification process, from uploader verification to consent and content moderation, without compromising on security.

Get Your Content Online Fast.

Using a combination of AI and human moderators ensures your content is moderated and published as quickly as possible.

Block Offensive Content.

Reported content is automatically flagged for urgent review via the content moderation dashboard, putting you in control of your complaints procedure.

Protect Your Revenue.

Seamless Mastercard compliance prevents any potential disruption to the processing of payments.

Feature focus

Real-Time Monitoring.

With the power of artificial intelligence, we continuously monitor live streams for potential violations, reducing the risk of harm to performers and users.


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