Content Provider & Participant Verification.

Seamlessly verify the age and identity of content providers and participants.


Mastercard Requirement.

The Merchant must only permit content uploads from verified content providers and must have a robust process for verifying the age and identity of the content provider, which includes the review and validation of a government-issued identification and steps to ensure that the government identification is in the possession of, and belongs to, the content provider.

We are verifymycontent

Utilising a combination of AI and identity document scanning technologies, the entire process of verifying both uploaders and participants is carried out in a matter of seconds, resulting in not just zero business interruption, but total compliance.

Age & identity verification.

User verification is achieved by performing a scan of a government issued identification document and a 3D face match scan. This confirms the correct document is in the possession of and belongs to, the individual attempting to verify.


3D Face Scan.

Using AI-powered age estimation, the user is prompted to take a 3D scan of their face at which point liveness, anti-spoofing and age estimation checks are carried out and an image is captured for ID verification.


ID Document Scan.

The user then confirms their identity by scanning their government issued identification document. Ownership of the document is confirmed by comparing the photo taken during the 3D face scan with the photo displayed on the identification.

How it works

Age & identity Verification.

Age & identity verification is designed to be as frictionless and hassle-free as possible while also providing you with the peace of mind your content providers are who they say they are.


Feature focus

Robust Identity Verification.

By combining liveness detection, 3D face match and ID authenticity checks against a database containing thousands of document templates from more than 190 countries, we can accurately and robustly verify your users and help maintain the integrity of your platform.


ID Checks.

We accept over 1800 types of identity documents from 193 countries and jurisdictions worldwide, enabling frictionless verification wherever your users are.

ID Face Match.

We verify the legitimacy of your user’s identity documents by comparing their ID photo with a face capture taken during liveness detection.

Liveness Detection.

Anti-spoofing liveness detection confirms the image captured is that of a real person, providing assurance and keeping your business compliant.

Platform health, safety and integrity.


Platform Health

Maintain platform health via a robust, multi-pronged content moderation tech stack ensuring published content has been diligently screened for violations.


User Safety

Fostering a safe experience for all users with a participant consent and verification process, combined with content moderation quality control & complaint resolution.


Platform Integrity

By manually reviewing a sample set of all content, we can ensure the correct moderation decisions are being made, and the health of your content is maintained.

Identity documents are compared with recognition templates to quickly and accurately recognise all necessary data in over 100 languages while simultaneously checking for data integrity and signs of forgery.


ID Cards.

Supports ID cards of standard ID-1 and ID-2 formats under ISO/IEC 7810:2019 regulations, automatically identifying the ID type, performing text field OCR, scanning barcodes and signature. ID Card scans are compared against more than 2700 templates of ID documents across 169 countries.


Driver’s Licence.

Automatically identifies the type of driver’s licence, performs OCR on text fields, recognizes barcodes, extracts the photo and signature. Data integrity and validity of documents are checked against a database of valid identity documents to combat fraudulent use of identification.



Supports passports issued in 193 UN member states, automatically identifying the passport type, text field OCR, MRZ (machine-readable zone), barcodes and signature. Both ordinary and biometric passports issued in accordance with the ICAO standards are supported.

The VerifyMyContent Solution.

Explore the wide range of safeguarding and compliance features that work together to protect your business and its users.

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