Monthly Reporting.

Automatically generated monthly reports detailing all compliance actions taken.


Mastercard Requirement.

The Merchant must provide its Acquirer with monthly reports that include a list of all content, including URLs and videos, flagged as potentially illegal or otherwise in violation of the Standards and the relevant actions taken by the Merchant, as well as details of all complaints and take-down requests the Merchant received. The Acquirer must share these reports with Mastercard, upon request.

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Automated monthly reports can be downloaded directly from your dashboard enabling you to quickly and easily demonstrate all compliance measures undertaken.

Monthly reports detail all reported and flagged for removal content and the final decision taken in each case.

Each report contains:

  • Content title
  • Content URL
  • Violation reported
  • Action taken
  • Dates & timestamps

Feature focus

Evidence Without The Admin.

With just one click, download itemised monthly reports detailing all of your compliance efforts and decisions.


The VerifyMyContent Solution.

Explore the wide range of safeguarding and compliance features that work together to protect your business and its users.

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